I travelled to Emmen last Friday to spend some (holiday) time with friends living over there (Wouter, Lise and Maarten). Next to some chilling, talking and resting also had some time for games (Triviant, Scorched 3D) and geeky stuff. We completely transformed the network infrastructure to use DHCP, have a more logical IP numbering and tweaked the modem to use SIP Spoofing which is all nice and clean.

Tomorrow I’m returning again, a short but good stay, I must say. During the 3+ hour trip I’ll have time to work on Aribigi and read my book that arrived at the bookstore last Friday (Orson Scott Card – The call of earth).

I completely missed that Linux 2.6.8 and (what a strange version, can’t get used to it) were released. Although it was due some time ago, I’m happy to update to it to get rid of that IPv6 bug.