I had a meeting with the study advisor today to clear the bachelor/master confusion up. Since some of my 3rd year subjects are still pending results, I can’t start my Master CSE yet, but I’ll switch as soon as I have enough ECTS points. But first I’ll have to get by Bachelor, for which besides the pending results, I still need to finish 4 subjects. It seems it’s going to be a hell of a year. These are the Master subjects I have selected for trimester 4.1:

and these are the subjects that started last year, which I will be finishing next trimester too:

I am also going to tutor/give:

I fixed my bicycle today… finally! The front tire is brand new! It wasn’t that much work anyway, I have no idea why I kept postponing it. It’s funny to notice how close everything is to where I live, but despite that a bike is still preferable.