It has been a while since I wrote here. I went to visit my aunt, uncle and nephews in Nijmegen last Thursday for three days. I installed Debian GNU/Linux sarge on the computer of my nephew, Freek. It went quite okay, but one notices that some stuff is not ready for the average user yet. I got GNOME set up okay on this PII-233/320M/80G box and it runs very nice too (I expected some slowness because of the CPU, but this is not the case)!

I also resumed my work on Aribigi today. Mainly I’ve been creating the user interface, mostly by hand. I don’t feel much for Glade except for dialog creation or UI designing. I borrowed some ideas from Gossip because I think it’s stilly to try to reinvent the wheel when there has been so many discussions on what would be intuitive. What I’ve done so far is visible in this screenshot. I’ve set up an development site for Aribigi and added some useful text already. It’s time to cut this short and resume coding :).