A clean slate, a new month and a new academic year. Althought the academic officially starts a September 6, my university thought ahead and started a week earlier. This also means we’ll stop a week earlier, can’t wait already. :) The trimester started as I expected, it is busy already. Now it’s just the trick to make working on all assignments and reading stuff a regular thing and all will go well. I haven’t had any lecture from Software Architecting yet (the subject I will follow with some relucatance), but all the other subjects seem nice and fun. Last Thursday and Friday I took the time to watch some movies (finally). I watched Jackie Brown and The Last Samurai on those days respectively. I always enjoy those Quinten Tarantino movies, they’re so different, got more real conversations and details. I also enjoyed watching The Last Samurai. I finally saw the pictures that suited the beautiful soundtrack I bought a few weeks ago. It’s such a strong combination, but I guess.. noone perceives this as I do though. Time for bed… a lot of assignments to finish tomorrow!