I’ve had a bad weekend. Headaches, problems, busy, etc. I was able to spend some free time working on Aribigi though. I am still trying to get the annoying SEGV out and have reworked the event model based on some discussion on Spacelabs last Friday.

Also I’ve changed the webserver of the machine running this website, source, to Apache 2. I think it is/feels a bit faster (the worker model at least) and is much more flexible. Setting up SSL support was a hassle though. Next to IPv6 support, this also allowed me to set up a DAV SVN repository for anonymous check outs. This is just to try it out before creating the Luon Network SVN repository. I also switched from using no DNS server (thus using /etc/hosts) to using PowerDNS aka pdns on my internal (wireless) network. I like PowerDNS already; it has several backends, out of which the LDAP one is the most interesting. It seems I’ll have to rewrite the whole Ildus system in Ruby and adapt it to this standardised LDAP scheme (see also RFC 1297), so I can drop DNSSyncd (a daemon syncing LDAP with a bind server via zone files.) and hook Ildusd (the Ildus Luon DynDNS Update Service daemon) directly to LDAP which is directly connected to PowerDNS.

I was surprised to notice that source has the highest maximum uptime of the entire TU/e IP range, according to Netcraft. I haven’t done much for it really, it just lies here. Still waiting until it crashes so I can replace the HDD and kernel.