Redone the fonts of my site again. Everything is now relative to a base font of 10pt. I know that 12pt is normal, but it just to large on every machine I see it on, so 10pt it is. I’ve tried to do all the spacing between all elements as well. So zooming should be no problem1, if everything is too large or small for your taste. Note that the site also has become smaller and has an increased line height to maximize the readability. Microsoft actually has nice typography pages for this, which I’ve used to redo everything. But also Wikipedia was helpful again. Please, send me the screenshots of the index of my journal at 100% zoom and note the browser’s default font size. A pity for the RSS/Atom/OkayNews feed readers, they miss it all. :)

Hobix 3.0

After I installed hobix 2.0b last saturday, I missed the 0.2c and 0.2d released and upgraded to Hobix 0.2e yesterday. But today… Hobix 0.2f got released and now 0.3 which I use now. Good work _why!

1 Works for me in the 60% – 300% range, good enough.