I haven’t written for weeks yet again. It’s has been such busy days, finishing projects, writing essays, etc. With only two exams left, it’s calming down now, and the Monday after the last exam, it’s starting all over again! :-) I have rejected a job for next trimester that I was asked for. With far less subjects (five) than in the past trimester (eight), I hope I can put some more time in Debian, RPA and other things I’ve planned.


The most interesting and time-consuming project in the past trimester was GOAT!, our Goal-Based Object-oriented Interactive Teacher. It allowed me and other to program Ruby all day long, using the IOWA framework. Final results: a rule-based intelligent-agent, that guides you through a hypertext course by hiding links to pieces you are not ready for and showing them later on, providing navigational help, tests to measure your knowledge level and suggestions to useful parts to read. Hereby I want to thank Kirk Haines, IOWA’s author, for his assistance, speed, insights and work that made our project a success.

HCC days

I visited the HCC days (largest computer stuff fair in the Netherlands) last weekend and bought mostly small stuff. Besides that, some friends and I acquired an IBM Netfinity 5000 (details) and are getting the second CPU next week :) It’s a nice machine, already named cube, and am confident we can put the thing to good use.