As of Thursday 23rd November 0:00, Trance AirWaves has closed down due to money issues, which came as very unexpected news to most of us. A station always broadcasting excellent and diverse trance continuously, Linux powered and with an OGG stream available for a while, will leave behind a gap. With a lot of live DJs and an very alive community, this channel I came across accidently two years ago will be a loss to me and others.

I want to thank Nige, Kuffdam, Dave, Malc, Sapphire and Mike for the great effort they’ve put into the station, making it so large as it was. I also want to thank the sponsors and my favourite live DJs (Wicked Neo, Mat-Lock, Luke Terry, Mike Mackay, Viframa, Science Deal, Rob Pain, Mike Shiver, Dan Hill, Al Redmond, Markus Schulz, Suzy Solar, Ben Los, DJ TimeOK and Dan Hill) for their sets over the past two years.

I also sincerely hope to continue to see/speak the people (Adam, Sphynx, Trancers, Trancebrat, Hixx, KrissO, LXJ, R5A, Taste, Andi-C, DJ Ellipse, Greggo, Jaiz, Lil-B, Repent, RSTrax, Scouse, Tricks, Bex, Gibbo and Gloom) that made it a great community on other IRC channels or by other online means and want to thank them for the fun, weird, enthusiastic, hilaric and sad times we had.

And so it ends… R.I.P. Trance Airwaves…