I thought it was time to escape the daily routine again, right in the start of the trimester, right before the holidays. So, I’ve booked my flights past weekend. The global plan and time-tables:

Thursday 9th December

  • Leave for Eindhoven Airport at 19:00 CET.
  • Flight FR9274 (RyanAir) from Eindhoven Airport to London Stansted at 21:35 CET.
  • Arrival at London Stansted at 21:35 GMT.

Friday 10th December

Visit Trance Generation at 22:00 GMT till 6:00 (7:00 ?) GMT. I’m looking forward to hearing Lange and Smith & Pledger. Before that, I’ll possibly roam London a bit.

Saturday 11th December

Weekend :)

Sunday 12th December

  • Leave for London Stansted at 10:30 GMT.
  • Flight 3885 (EasyJet) from London Stansted to Amsterdam Schiphol at 13:15 GMT.
  • Arrival at Amsterdam Schiphol at 15:25 CET.
  • Back home at 18:00 CET.

I’m looking forward to return to London. I was there twice a few years ago. It’s also nice to finally meet some friends, whom I’ve met via the Trance AirWaves channel, now the station is gone. London here I come!