There has been quite a lot of fuss about the Debian Ruby Stdlib stuff the past days. Adeodato Simó, Andres Salomon and I have drafted a proposal for a possible working solution for the problem. I think the solution given in the proposal is better than what the idea I had in a previous journal entry. It adapts the ruby-defaults package and providing for ways to install ruby using three levels (on a Debian X-like manner):

  • ruby — installs the full ruby suite (ruby-core and rest of standard libs that depends on non-standard/required libraries).
  • ruby-core — installs ruby-interpreter and most of the standard libs that are either pure Ruby or depend on standard/required libraries.
  • ruby-interpreter — installs the Ruby interpreter only, what the ruby package is now.

This way, apt-get install ruby will install what everyone expects, the interpreter and all of standard lib. I have uploaded a modified version of the ruby-defaults packages to try this setup, they are available via:

deb ./

I can now use ruby-core since I don’t feel much for having Tk and stuff. Note that there are still some version depends on ruby. Although ruby-interpreter provides ruby, you’ll still have to install the entire tree when you got some packages installed that have a versioned depend on ruby.