Just sorted out our photos (mostly photos of us/people in the album) of FOSDEM 2005. It was a nice FOSDEM this year (except for the cold weather) and I’ve heard some interesting talks.

We focused on the Debian and GNOME stuff. The GStreamer and Flumotion talks were great, and not to forget the Wikipedia talk. Also the device mapper stuff was interesting and an overview over the Debian release process (by Andreas Barth) and Debian QA (by Jeroen van Woffelaar).

Although it’s a slightly different corner of FOSS, it was interesting to hear the GPL enforcement talk (by Harald Welte) as well as Richard M. Stallman on general (so non-software related) copyright law.

It was also good to see the vast presence of Debian users and developers. Once a distro poll was performed during a talk and over 80% of the hands were for Debian. The Debian booth was crowded as well and I was told at the end of Sunday that a lot was sold. I wanted to thank the people in the booth for spending the weekend there, Wouter Verhelst for his good work for the Debian Developers room and the people who held a talk there.

This year’s problems at FOSDEM were the network (if you had to/wanted to use it), and the fact that there were sometimes to many interesting talks at the same time and on other moments nothing at all. Also did talks end exactly on time, but this meant there was no time for moving to other buildings.

Anyway, great FOSDEM, looking to next year’s already. But for now… on to GUADEC 2005!