I’ve mailed a few times with Akira Yamada and after some tweaking, his Ruby 1.8 packages have been uploaded with most of Ruby’s standard library packages put in one package: libruby1.8. The libraries still being packages separately are the ones have dependencies unrelated to Ruby’s dependencies. Great work Akira.

This is step 1 and I hope that Fumitoshy Ukai will follow with step 2: adapting the ruby-defaults to follow the setup of the new ruby1.8 package structure. When this is done (hopefully soon), the “main complaint” about Debian from a Ruby users perspective (yes, Andrew, some people are nuts and get involved with another blasted pocket language) will be gone when it’s time to release Sarge1.


Between studying for exams I’ve finished converting my own small website to use Hobix as well, so that the layout side but also maintaining side works and looks the same. A lean and mean site for my P233-laptop-server, dynamic HTML is overrated anyway.

1 Nope, I am not going to say anything about that. :)