With the help of the Hobix people and others I have fixed my Hobix setup that has been broken for a month, so I can write entries again! I’ve added all these fixes to the prelimary Debian packages of Hobix1 and feel it’s almost ready for release into the Debian archive.

My birthday went quietly today, being 25 years old now, it really feels I’m getting somewhere. I had my parents and brother for a visit and went out eating, feeling very stuffed afterwards :). But it was good.

I did some thinking and planning and these are the tasks that are ahead for the coming months:

  • Visit GUADEC if possible.
  • Rearrange the setup in my room, add some bookshelves.
  • Do a thorough cleanup of the (hidden) paper mess in my room.
  • Help the setup of the Debian Ruby Maintainers team/group.
  • Finish those already one year pending essays and projects.
  • Finish and release GOAT!.
  • Finish and release Miriapodo2.
  • What did I forget…

1 Available using the deb-line:

deb http://luon.net/debian experimental main

2 More on this in later entries when I feel it’s more ready.