I am almost ready to leave for GUADEC. Everything is packed and ready to go. I and others will take the train at 13:01 in Eindhoven and travel via Venlo to Duisburg. There we will take a rental car to Stuttgart and stay in the Youth Hostel Stuttgart. The second part of our group will join us on Saturday and we will stay there until Tuesday evening and then return to the Netherlands. See you there, if you’re there!

Wide screen

My Dell 24050FPW 24" widescreen arrived a weekend ago! I got it at a considerable discount, and am already very happy with it: bright, beautiful colors, fast and high contrast. I extended my PowerBook desktop with it using the MergedFB feature of my Radeon (so pseudo-Xinerama with XVideo support on both heads).

Desktop setup

I still use it via D-SUB/VGA but when X(org) is fixed soon, I hope to switch to DVI. We’ll see about that after GUADEC. I hope to post entries with pictures from there as well, if I manage.


27 May 2005