The third day of our trip started really early, getting up at 7:00 is not really something I am used to. We had a nice breakfast on the balcony of the Youth Hostel with a beautiful sight over the Stuttgart center laying in the valley.

Breakfast on the balcony looking over Stuttgart

This day was the first really conference day. With a really full schedule, it is sometimes hard to choose which talk to visit. The GUADEC guys did a really great job at creating such a full and solid schedule, so thanks for that.

Talks that I have visited:

  • Welcome talk by Timothy Ney, Dr. Walter Rogg, Owen Taylor and Seth Nickell—A nice kickoff.
Seth Nickell's welcome talk
  • Cairo by Owen Taylor—Cool library, nice to see how easy it is to use, produces results and integrates in GTK+.
  • Keynote talk by Miguel de Icaza.
  • GStreamer 0.10 by Wim Taymans—Great stuff, can’t wait for 0.10 and see the improvements reflect in Rhythmbox’s behaviour.
  • Annodex by Conrad Parker—Cool system, freedom for all, fuck TV!
  • Robert Love explaining about optimal GNOME
Optimal GNOME Programming by Robert Love—Disc IO sucks, makes you rethink putting all that time into algorithm optimizations.


Afterwards we walked around the city center, my feet hurt (blisters! pain!) but we had a nice meal, especially the dessert. Then back to the university park for some gaming and playing cards until our last Spacelabs group member arrived.

We closed the day with some hacking and playing cards, and went sleeping far too late due to the warmth of the night and rooms.

Playing cards in the park at night

See also the GUADEC 2005 Photo Gallery of Sunday.


30 May 2005