I wanted to congratulate everyone with the Sarge Release . It took a while, true, but it’s done now… that’s all I have to say about it. :)

Package status

I’ve filed quite some ITPs lately and I have worked on some of them, so here is a small status overview.

  • Hobix — Almost ready, I am awaiting the “plugin-system” rework to be finalized in CVS, which will take some work out of my hands.
  • RPA Base — I am not yet sure how to package this… how this is going to cooperate with a Debian installation. This is the same thing that has been itching with RubyGems
  • Ruby Facets, Ruby Carets — Still working on those.
  • Ruby Breakpoint — I haven’t started yet, but it shouldn’t pose much of a problem.
  • Ruby SVG — The most recent ITP, a small little library that I have already packaged unofficially. It needs more documentation and then it’s ready.

I have also been working on a CDBS class for Ruby’s setup.rb. It is basically working, but I am not satisfied, it misses some features like documentation generation, and support for creating debs for multiple Ruby versions. Because Christian Neukirchen posted a very nice proposal for a distutil-alike install system for Ruby on Ruby-Talk and the Debian Ruby list, I am going to suspend work on the setup.rb class for a while and see how this system will evolve.

Debian Ruby Team

Ruby Carets, Ruby Facets and Ruby Breakpoint libraries are meant to become members of a sort of Ruby Standard Library supplement. These and other useful small libraries will be caught under a libruby-extras virtual package. Work on this package will be done by a Debian Ruby Maintainers Team1 using a project on Alioth. More about that soon!

1 The team still has to be formed, if you want to help/join, please let us know via the list.