The building where most of our Luon Network ( servers (except for home gateways of course) are located, is scheduled for a power outage between 8:00 and 17:00 CEST today. This is due to law-abiding checks and maintenance of the electrical infrastructure of one of the buildings of the university in which all servers are placed.

Since Luon provides me with most of my service I need during the day, I am without: Jabber, mail, mailinglists (archives), CVS and subversion access, Trac, MOO/MUD, IPv6, shell access, some of’s additional Debian package repositories and some development setups. What am I going to do?!

Update: It’s down now, I hope all servers come back by themselves once power is restored :).

Planet Luon

Bram and I have set up Planet Luon (which isn’t reachable at the moment for obvious reasons) for the now already existing 4 journals of Luon users. We hope to get more members for it, that would be nice.

I also hope that we or someone else can help improve the Planet Planet software a bit. It is strange that with all the XML back-end technologies it uses, to transform it to HTML 4.01 transitional, a recommended standard around 1999. It will be a challenge to get the result valid XHTML 1.1.