After the power outage of last weekend, some recovery work had to be done. Still about a quarter of the machines didn’t return after power was restored (mostly due to BIOS issues). The most important problems were hard disk failures in two key machines: ranger (doing the IPv6 routing, general workstation) and bar (mail, CVS and Ildus server). It still amazes me how unreliable these pieces of machinery still are after 50 years of development. If I look back at problems I had with machines in my past 12 year (or so) of experience, it has always been hard disks! I know, I know, it has moving parts, works on a very small and precise scale, but still…

So it seems all CVS repositories are gone, which really is a shame. These repositories where about to be moved to Subversion on another machine (cube) this week, but nature seems to sense these things. I hope to get my hands on some (old!) backup tapes and retrieve at least older revisions. Ranger has received a new disk and will get a fresh Sid install any time soon.