Yesterday, my summer holiday officially started, and… it will be a busy one! Starting next Monday (July 11) I’ll have an almost full-time job (80%, Fridays off) at Spacelabs till the end of the summer holiday. I don’t have any specifics on what it is going to be about just yet, so I’ll write about this later.

With Friday free, I can finish some pending assignments (for the courses Linux, History of Computing , Process Algebra with Timing and Hypermedia) and prepare for the exams that I will (have to) take at the end of August (Software Testing and Real-Time Architectures).

Also, I hope (yes it is a bit ambitious) to work on some running projects in the evenings/weekends: Miriapodo, LEDR, a GOAT! author tool in GTK+, Debian Ruby (project and packages), a rewrite of Ildus (in Ruby, DBMS agnostic and targeted at PowerDNS).