I haven’t written for a while, I have been busy with working and well… cooking, eating and watching movies with friends.


Bram was left parentless the past two weeks, so he had to do some real cooking for the first time in his life. We set up cook-shifts in our group of friends (Admar, Bas, Bram, Christian and me) to provide everyone with a nice dinner every evening and transfer some of our cooking experience to Bram. Since Bram is a vegetarian, it was a learning experience for us all. Fortunately, it all worked out really well, we made (among other things):

  • Lasagna bolognese
  • Pesto wraps
  • Chili sen carne
  • Curry something


Work has progressed very nicely the past two weeks. Our (Bram and me) task is to build a DV conferencing application for the desktop. Yes, this means streaming and receiving 30Mb/s full-duplex. The first building block we have created is a D-BUS service that can startup, pause and stop programs or GStreamer pipelines (depends on what is available at that moment) to route DV data from DV/RTP, TCP, FireWire bus etc. to the screen, back to the FireWire bus. Also a command line tool was created to control the router process.

Next is to make a GNOME2 GUI tool to create a nicer interface for the router called VideBabilo. I have made a small mock-up, the implementation be done next week (that is, if we get that far).

Note that this will still just dial/connect to a host, since there is not protocol yet. We plan to add this later, possible by means of XMPP (Jabber). This protocol probably will handle: inviting to a conference, rejecting calls, ending a call, etc. First peer-to-peer (like GnomeMeeting) and then talking to multiple people.