The past few days I have been accumulating knowledge. I have encountered quite some new concepts and stuff they use here, but also old knowledge had to be refreshed. I have looked again at XML technologies as W3c XML Schema, RelaxNG, XSLT and XML in general. I had to dive into OCaml since that’s the main language used here. Fortunately I can make use of my past Haskell experience there. So now I have yet a new language to add to my used-programming-languages list.

I have used my webspace provided by MACS to set up a page about all my internship work related stuff. It gave me another opportunity to make use of webgen again, what a great tool! Simple text files in a directory structure are converted to a site with such ease. A title, menu and navigation bar, all done automatically and it’s all static HTML in a nice XHTML 1.1 compliant package.


I have read all the available presentations and papers on MathLang that I could find. At the TU/e I was taught the Weak-Type Theory by professor Nederpelt (which is a basis for this mathematical language), so I have some background in this area. I’ve tried to write a page about what MathLang is. I’ll probably have to improve the descriptions and make the whole thing clearer.

The Plan

My first task will be to write a MathLang-Core concrete syntax compiler that can generate the still to be defined XML format. The AST used in this compiling process should also be prepared so that the MathLang type checker can run on it. Once the compiling to XML is done, I might be able to use XSLT to transform it back to the original syntax, hence proving the equivalence of the two syntaxes. For monitoring my progress, see my online log.