Although my work on the project here has been progressing quickly and I’m still enthusiastic about it, it is time for a break. I will have a small holiday of roughly two weeks starting tomorrow in which first my parents and then my friends will visit me. I’m looking forward to seeing them and showing them all the nice/strange/great/beautiful things I’ve seen here in the short period that they are here.

Fire Alarm

I finally had an experience with the infamous fire alarm of the Halls. My colleagues already found it a bit strange that it hadn’t happened to me yet. Last Friday at 0:30 I was about to get some sleep when it happened. I got dressed and left the Hall and stood with dozens of other inhabitants in the rain on the grass until the fire department came to check. After 30 minutes they told us what had happened: some guy had been smoking in the lounge (thanks a lot). I mean, everyone knows that fire detectors on the halls and in the lounges are more sensitive than the ones in the rooms!

Bike Troubles

I’m finally getting used to biking in the area: how cars react to you, how pedestrians react to you, the cycling on the left. I am no longer dependant on the bus service. I did my shopping by bike last Saturday and also went to the city centre. I went by the Bike Station to get my steer up, but it was impossible. Then I cycled up to the castle, but my chain snapped. I went back and they fixed it. Then I cycled up again, witnessed the yet again beautiful sunset and was about to cycle home but my front derriere was broken. So I went back again, and they helped me again. It is a great crew!

So… I will not be at the computer for some time and thus not write here. (Debian-wise I am waiting for some Debian/Ruby packages to get through the New queue anyway, so it’s not stalling me.) I will write again somewhere in February.