In July I have been on a holiday for two weeks with some of my friends: Lotte, Sjoerd, Bram, Admar and Henrieke. We decided to spend our holiday in the centre of Bretagne, France. During this holiday I have kept a small journal of the things we saw and did to help preserve some memories about it. See also my holiday photos. Anyway, here is a summary of the holiday journal:

Saturday, July 08

Left at 7:20, arrived at 18:30 in Lamballe to pick up Admar from the train. Arrived at our rented house-on-the-hill in Perret at 20:30. Nice weather for travelling, a bit clouded, 22°.

Sunday, July 09

Did some shopping in Gouarec with Henrieke. Visit the “Tour de France” that passed by in Gouarec in the afternoon. Made dinner and read a lot. Weather improved in the afternoon, 26°, very sunny.

Monday, July 10

Read a book while Admar, Sjoerd and Lotte were doing more shopping. Hiked around in the area following the yellow trail to “Les Forges”. Again the weather improved in the afternoon, 24°, sunny.

Tuesday, July 11

Finally found a bigger store to do some large-scale shopping. Celebrated the 8th anniversary of Utopia. Drove to the lake “Lac de Guerlédan” in the afternoon and chilled on the beach at Beau Rivage. A bit cloudy day, but still 25°.

Wednesday, July 12

Left at 10:00 and visited Carnac with it’s prehistoric menhirs. Scenic route back home in the afternoon. It was a hot day, 27° degrees but fortunately still a bit cloudy.

Thursday, July 13

Another resting day. Read while other did some shopping, played Settlers of Catan the entire afternoon. In the evening walked the other way around to “Les Forges”. It was a nice day, 25° and clear.

Friday, July 14

Visted the Beau Rivage beach again, rented canoes and paddled around on the lake. Visited Gouarec and Mûr for 14 juillet festivites but couldn’t find any. Watched “Carcasonne” fireworks at home. Another nice day, 26° and clear.

Saturday, July 15

Did some shopping with Bram and Henrieke in the morning. Another resting day, hanging and chilling in our garden. Had a bit of a headache. Warm and clear day, 28°.

Sunday, July 16

Left for a day at the beach at the north coast of Bretagne at 10:00. Landed at St. Quay at 12:00. Took a nice walk with Sjoerd in afternoon along the coast line. Dinner at a “crèperie” in St. Quintin.

Monday, July 17

Rest of the group went to Mûr to buy postal cards and get some touristic information of the lake area. Spent the afternoon planning the following days, reading and chilling. It was a warm day, clear and 30°.

Tuesday, July 18

Left early at 9:30 to visit the forest of Arthur in the morning. Travelled to Lizio to visit the Insectarium. It was a very hot day, 35°.

Wednesday, July 19

Left early again to drive to Rochefort-en-Terre. Visited the village and then the “Parc de Prehistorique”. Afterwards some shopping in Pontivy on the way back. It was a clouded day, had our first rain during our park visit.

Thursday, July 20

Left very early at 9:00 to rent mountain bikes. In the morning we followed route 6 and 7 back to “La Croix Rouge” (with a very steep ascent at the end). Then, in the afternoon, we finished route 7 through the higher lands alongside the valley. In the evening went out for dinner at “Le Blé d’Or”, a crèperie-pizzaria in Mûr. It was a partially clouded day but still quite hot for cycling, 30°.

Friday, July 21

Cleaning up and packing most of the things we had brought with us. Visit the abbey of Bon Repos and the village of Rostrenen that we had passed by many times. Another nice day, 28° and a bit foggy and clouded.

Saturday, July 22

Awake at 6:00, cleaned up the remaining part of the house, packed the rest, and left at 7:30. Returned home around 19:30. Partially clouded day, a bit foggy in the morning, perfect for travelling, 25°.