Another lost story: Saturday, September 2, Admar, Bram and I decided to go on a roundtrip tour through the Netherlands. It was the last weekend that Admar and I were able to use our “OV-studentenkaart” (a public transport card allowing free travel through the entire Netherlands either during working days or weekends). On the way I made some pictures of stations we stopped to transfer trains or visit the city.

Our roundtrip tour:

  • Breda (departure at 8:20)
  • Den Haag (transfer to train to Amsterdam)
  • Amsterdam Sloterdijk (transfer to train to Den Helder)
  • Den Helder (lunch, transfer to bus to Den Oever)
  • Den Oever (transfer to bus to Harlingen)
  • Harlingen (transfer to train to Leeuwarden)
  • Leeuwarden (visit city centre, good to be back, transfer to train to Groningen)
  • Groningen (transfer train to Winschoten)
  • Groningen (visit city centre, dinner, transfer to train to Zwolle)
  • Zwolle (transfer to train to Utrecht)
  • Utrecht (transfer to train to Eindhoven)
  • Eindhoven (arrival at 23:20)

I started out on the Friday before by travelling from Eindhoven to Breda, so that makes a nice and perfect round. It was really fun to do: travelling over 700 km by public transport in 14 hours. Yes, we haven’t encountered any delays. It would have been nice to visit Limburg too, but there was no time left. Though, I finally did reach Den Helder and the Afsluitdijk which we never came around to doing in the eight years to date.