This weekend I was finally able to finish (after 7 days of full-time labour) the assignment of my last pending bachelor course: Hypermedia Structures and Systems. The assignment of this purely on-line course consisted of the conversion of a linear document to a hypertext one. This meant splitting the document in dozens of nodes and then going through each of them (iteratively) and linking them together using several techniques while keeping useful guidelines in mind.

While discussing this assignment with Bas we decided it would be nice to build the site using Webgen. Webgen is good at transforming nodes that just contain text (with a bit of Textile markup) to nice XHTML 1.1 valid pages. We also extended Webgen with a few plug-ins: one to create links to nodes without having to mention the paths but just using unique identifiers. That way we were sure the links were also always pointing to the right page. The other plug-in we wrote was to be able to do bibliography stuff a la LaTeX.

I am quite satisfied with the result, which will be graded this week. ;)