During the past weeks I’ve been drawing up a list with things to be done for the Etch release concerning my work for the Debian/Ruby Extras team. I think it is quite complete now. I hope my fellow team members can help me accomplish these goals:

  • Solve all remaining issues concerning the ruby-pkg-tools.
  • Make sure that all team-maintained packages are:
    • bug-less, that is, no open priority minor or higher bug reports,
    • installable,
    • up-to-date with respect to the upstream version.
  • Consider all work-in-progress packages and get them in Etch if they are worthy.
  • Take over the packages put up for adaption by Damog.
  • Create the libextras-ruby meta-package and get it into Etch.

I think the first two items are as good as taken care of. However, the last three points need some more attention the next few weeks.