With 2006 almost finished, I can look back at a succesful year for the Debian/Ruby Extras team. The infrastructure was set up and we gained 12 new team members and a lot of packages. With Etch frozen, I can now almost certainly say what Etch will bring Ruby-wise:

  • 35 new libraries and applications.
  • A meta-package libruby-extras to extend the Ruby Standard Library with some more useful libs.
  • Consistent packaging of the 44 team-packaged apps and libs.
  • RubyGem support (courtesy of Daigo Moriwaki)

I am proud of what we have accomplished, good work everyone! Not team related is the change that the whole Ruby stdlib is now bundled in libruby(1.8) and is no longer split up! So you all can remove those Debian-specific messages about having to “do extras things when using Debian”. ;)

Future plans for Lenny

Future plans for Lenny include updating and extending the Ruby Policy. Focus points will be package versioning, improving documentation. Also we intend to package even more Ruby libraries and applications and ask current Ruby lib/app developers to join us. A third matter I’d like to address is Gem support.