dwarfs walk around collecting and throwing food

There is some effort here at Debconf to improve Debian’s game stuff. I want to contribute to that by announcing my first upload of the game “Feeding Frenzy!” to Debian Sid. The game is about dwarfs (or sheep) that have to collect food to survive which becomes increasingly scarce during the game. Besides collecting food, the dwarfs can also can choose to throw the food at competing dwarfs to temporarily disable them.

Four years ago, a group consisting of some of my friends and myself created this game as an assignment for a project in our bachelor computer science. A few weeks ago, we undusted the game, Bram fixed some compiler warnings and I fixed up the package. It is ready for Debian now and has a pretty good gameplay, though it can probably still be improved graphic- and level-wise. I uploaded it two days ago. So, if our FTP-masters are no longer busy with Debconf, I hope they can get the game through the NEW queue soon.