Some information in the work department is past due. It has been over four months since I started my new job and I feel quite settled in. I attended two events in the past six weeks that resulted in some material that I could use to finally finish the missing parts of my website at work which I overhauled yesterday.

SIREN 2007

On 30 October, 2007, I attended SIREN 2007 to present my poster. The event was quite nice. However, since the scope had been broadened from Computer Science to ICT in general, the audience had little prior knowledge about the research area my poster was about. Anyway, it was nice to meet some people in the field and spend a day in Delft.

IPA Fall Days 2007

I spent the last week of November in Willibrordhaeghe, the conference hotel where the IPA Fall Days were held. I enjoyed this week very much. There were some good talks which also showed me what was happening on the other side of the fence. An Open Session was held where PhD could tell something about their work. I created some slides using the SIREN poster for my talk in this session.

The hotel was slightly cold, it was one of very small number of negative points of this event. Not that the organisers can be held responsible, the hotel was just badly insulated. The food was good, especially the lunches. The dinners were a bit all of the same, but I could vary, being the flexitarian. This however really confused the waiters. (Are you vegetarian or not?!) I also enjoyed meeting more of my PhD colleagues, playing various games and our endless discussions. Of course I made some pictures, just for memory sake. I’m quite confident I will attend the Spring Days. :)