As Wouter also mentions, I too noticed it is the top-something season again. However, more interesting to me and maybe others is to ascertain some of my personal top items of the year 2007 for some arbitrarily chosen categories:

Book: Legends of Dune. I know that this comprises three books, but I read it as one in one go.

Location: Lisboa. My first real conference location, very nice city.

Movie: The Fountain. Beautiful, artistic, emotional, quiescent, thought invoking.

Music: Always a hard category, going to split this up a bit:

  • Artist: Sigur Ros. I knew them for quite some time, I have no idea why I didn’t really get into it before this year.
  • Album: Shpongle – Nothing Lasts… But Nothing is Lost. Diverse, energetic, really nice.
  • Track: Can not choose between Breakfast – The Sunlight (melodic, euphoric) and Clint Mansell – Death Is the Road to Awe (emotional, powerful).
  • Set: Three favourites here for different reasons: XiJaro – Sunset Excitement 094, Menno de Jong – A State of Trance 300 (part 2), Menno de Jong – Intuition Sessions CD Release Party.

Party: Intuition Summer Event. Absolutely awesome weather, location, people, atmosphere and music.

Series: Six Feet Under. Still my most appreciated all-round series. This year I watched most of it again.