This page provides an oversight of the machines I own or co-own. They are listed by hostname, short spec summary, its main function and the Debian GNU/version release (or suite) it runs on. machines

Name Specs Function Version
distance 486-66/64M/0.5G+1G Gateway in Breda woody
power G4-867/786M/60G Main mobile workstation sid
source P233/64M/4G Wireless router & webserver sarge
target 2xCel466/384M/9G+9G Main server sarge machines

Name Specs Function Version
cube 2xPIII-555/512M/3×8G Co-server (svn, trac, planet) sarge
sphere 486-100/128M/3×4G Main server (mail, web, …) sarge
tetraeder 2xPII-600/256M/ Mail/list server sarge