For more information about Debian GNU/Linux itself, see the official Debian site.

On April 26, 1999 I did my first Debian GNU/Linux slink (2.1) install on my laptop (hosting this site now). I progressed through the releases potato (2.2), woody (3.0), sid and am now back on sarge (3.1, the next stable-to-be) on this host (running sid on my Powerbook though).

Meanwhile I run Debian GNU/Linux everywhere, servers, workstation and laptops.

To do something back I applied to become a Debian developer in September 2000, which was accepted November 5, 2000.

Some useful/nice links:


I have maintained (orphaned by now):

I am maintaining (but am going to drop those soon too):

Currently my focus lies on the Debian/Ruby Extras team that I am leading. In that team I’m maintaining and sponsoring a lot of packages.

For more information about the team, have a look the Debian Ruby mailinglist and on the #debian-ruby channel on FreeNode.