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About This Site

This hypermedia site was created for the final assignment of the course Hypermedia Structures and Systems given by prof. dr. P.M.E. De Bra at the department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

This site is my hypertext version of the document Hypertext Review written by V. Balasubramanian. I have used Webgen as a framework to generate XHTML-valid, static HTML pages from page node data. I extended Webgen with plugins to be able to link between page nodes and registering these so that statistics could be generated.


This site, however static, still features a few navigational aides:


This site obviously contains links to jump to other page nodes. Links can have two colors: light green to show they have been visited (or read) and dark green to show that they have not been visited yet. If supported by the browser, hovering over links will display the node that will be jumped to. All external links are suffixed by an error-icon (), email links are suffixed by an envelope-icon ().

Breadcrumb Trail

The header bar contains the title, but also a breadcrumb trail that points out the hierarchical steps that were taken to get to the current node. It can be used to jump to ancestors of the current node.

Site Map

The header bar also contains a link pointing to the Site Map. It displays an hierarchical overview of all page nodes and can also be used to see what (or how many) has been read and what not.


The menu on the right functions as a dynamic table of contents displaying the current position and the hierarchical child nodes, ancestors and their siblings.