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Intermedia, developed at Brown University, provides the following features for hypermedia templates [Catlin et al., 1991]:

  1. Intermedia system provides the facility to create templates including the documents and links that make up the template. That is, a hypermedia author has the ability to create nodes, links, and link sets or webs within a template. A list of webs can be associated with a template one of which can be chosen as the default when the template is duplicated.
  2. Documents within the same template can be linked. Users can also link a document in a template to another document outside of the template.
  3. The user can specify the folder or directory under which each document is created and also the folder where the template has to be duplicated. The user can also name and save a template for future use. The system will make copies of all folders and documents and automatically link them just as the original template was linked. All new documents will be displayed for the purpose of editing.
  4. When a template is duplicated, all associated documents and links can be easily accessed in new folders. The user will be prompted to choose one of the webs associated with the template. The user can open a template, add document members, delete members, rename them, create or modify links etc. Contents of documents can be edited.
  5. The user can easily find out which template was used to make a new hypermedia collection.
  6. The original template itself is write-protected so that users do not edit it accidentally.