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Below I have written some news about my web pages. You are welcome to visit my journal or other pages such as a page about some of my projects.

25 Oct 2012

Site rework

Being long, long overdue, I have moved the journal and web pages to Jekyll. I am quite happy with it actually, it works very nice.

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22 Aug 2011

Ph.D. defence

Because the defence date is quickly getting nearer, I have put up a page with related information. I will keep updating the page up until the moment is there!

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05 Apr 2010

More updates

I’ve continued writing in my journal and also performed some style updates to the entire site.

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06 Jun 2009


The sidebare finally went two column! There is quite a lot of contextual information in there, but because it was single column everything was “way down there”. Also, this makes the website a bit wider without making the line length of the text too wide.

I have also added more links, improved the calendar and Twitter update display.

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05 Jun 2009

Twitter, Luonica

Since the microblogging seems to work out, I have set up a Twitter account and joined our local Laconica service called Luonica. I have replaced the Jaiku badge that is no longer working by a Twitter badge.

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05 Jun 2009

Jaiku, Twitter, Luonica, Ping.fm

More than a year ago I tried out Jaiku and it worked quite well despite some of its glitches. Although the number of journal posts plummeted, I’ve been able to keep up the microblogging. I’ve noticed in the past year that others preferred Twitter and/or identi.ca, but I didn’t want to join all these networks and duplicate my microblogs and all the hassle that came with it. This week I’ve registered myself on ping.fm, so I can post to more services (my Twitter, my Jaiku) simultaneously. Meanwhile Christian had set up a local (test) Laconica service, which available as of yesterday as Luonica on http://ica.luon.net/ (for all Luon users). Obviously, I have also added Luonica to my publish list.

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13 Feb 2008

Trying Jaiku

Last weekend I have decided to just try some of this micro-blogging and lifestreaming stuff. I have always been quite conscious about my own (online) presence and that of others due to long term Jabber usage. The presence-awareness helps me to somehow stay more connected to people on a kind of general level than previously was possible. By the way, this is just because I like to, not because it is a forced, mandatory thing. Concerning micro-blogging. This is a perfect solution for me! I don’t have to think of a title and just can share a thought for whoever is interested whenever.

Anyway, I ended up subscribing to Jaiku. It has a richer feature set than Twitter and it seems more things are “done right” to me. I especially like the comments and channels. I have added a Jaiku Stream Badge to my webpage so I am also trackable there.

Let’s see if I can keep it up. :-)

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13 Feb 2008


I didn’t change this website much the past few months. Recently I have included a Jaiku badge (below the Profiles) to show the most recent of my Jaiku posts.

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05 Jul 2007

Profiles, writings

I update the sidebar menu adding a list of some of the online profiles that I have. I integrated my LinkedIn profile in my webpage, updated my CV, and added a page about my writings.

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10 Mar 2007


Upgraded source, the webserver, to Etch. After beating Apache 2.2 somewhat everything seems to work again.

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01 Dec 2006


Added usage statistics for my site using webdruid, which seems somehow related to Webalizer.

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12 Sep 2006

Homepage Update

Next to upgrading my journal software I have also replaced the software powering my normal homepage. I used to use Hobix for that, but I have replaced it with Webgen. Don’t get me wrong, both are good pieces of software, but Hobix is just nicer for writing a journal and Webgen for generating webpages from simple formatted content. But in the end, both produce nice static HTML pages! :-)

Note that my normal homepage is emptier than it used to be, but given the low threshold to add something I am sure more will come soon. I also updated my style a bit to synchronize the look of the pages produced by both frameworks, but it was quite trivial in the end.

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11 Sep 2006


Due to the fact that the type of content of my webpage is different than my journal I have decided to switch the engine of the normal site from Hobix to Webgen. With Webgen it is easier to modify and rerender parts of the page and I am not bothered by unnecessary weblog features as modification dates, feeds, etc.

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05 Sep 2006

Journal Revamp

Although I have a lot to post it has been quiet on this journal. The main reason is that I wanted to wait with new posts until I had the new Hobix package ready. In the Debian/Ruby Extras team I have been working on the package and it’s getting along nicely. The new Hobix release features support for trackbacks, comments, tags, publishing via a webapp and has some more plugins out-of-the-box.

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14 Mar 2005

Link check

I have moved this Hobix version of the orginal site as the new “home” website. After that I have found all erroneous links using linkchecker and adapted/fixed them.

This site is now the official site!

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12 Feb 2005

Full switch to Hobix

I have transfered almost all data of the original site to Hobix YAML files, so this site should have the same structure as the previous one.

This integrates even better with my journal and will replace my default site very soon. If you have any feedback on the whole thing, please let me know..

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07 Oct 2004

Fonts, picas, ems, fonts... the works!


Redone the fonts of my site again. Everything is now relative to a base font of 10pt. I know that 12pt is normal, but it just to large on every machine I see it on, so 10pt it is. I’ve tried to do all the spacing between all elements as well. So zooming should be no problem1, if everything is too large or small for your taste. Note that the site also has become smaller and has an increased line height to maximize the readability. Microsoft actually has nice typography pages for this, which I’ve used to redo everything. But also Wikipedia was helpful again. Please, send me the screenshots of the index of my journal at 100% zoom and note the browser’s default font size. A pity for the RSS/Atom/OkayNews feed readers, they miss it all. :)

Hobix 3.0

After I installed hobix 2.0b last saturday, I missed the 0.2c and 0.2d released and upgraded to Hobix 0.2e yesterday. But today… Hobix 0.2f got released and now 0.3 which I use now. Good work _why!

1 Works for me in the 60% – 300% range, good enough.

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02 Oct 2004

Transition to Hobix

I’ve been using Instiki as my small & easy CMS. Although it works quite well, I don’t like the fact that journalling with it requires a lot of work (i.e. manually archiving, setting dates and titles, etc.). So I decided to look for/switch to something differing. Since I have been reading up with Why the Lucky Stiff’s for some time now, I knew Hobix already. So, I decided to check it out yesterday. It is really great… it gives you the powers of Ruby, Textile, YAML and a strong/flexible templating engine combined! I have been trying to make it integrate in my already created homepage and I must say, it worked out nicely. I still have got some tweaking and fiddling to do the next weeks with both the homepage and this journal, but I’m confident it’ll work out.

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02 Oct 2004

Hobix journal

The journal part of the site has been moved and redone with Hobix!. This system has much more flexible journalling features and is thus better suited for this task. I’m trying to integrate both parts (journal and this site) as good as possible, but will be tweaking this the following weeks.

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01 Oct 2004

First test

This is a first Hobix test! It worked, since you can obviously read this…

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28 Aug 2004

Aribigi, Utopia

I have added some text about Utopia, the most important long-term project (next to Debian) I have been working on for year. I also added some information about the Aribigi project

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12 Aug 2004

Style update

I improved the style/layout of this site a bit. Mostly did some CSS tweaks to make it look more straightforward and clear, but also decreased the page width to increase readability.

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08 Aug 2004

Photos, Debian

Added section about my Debian stuff and made a start with the Photography section. I’m not really satisfied nor done fiddling with it, but if you have some comments, please do contact me.

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03 Aug 2004

Got it working

I seem to got it all working to my satisfaction. Now I just have to keep on adding information, news and diary entries and it is a wanted/expected it to be.

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01 Aug 2004

Just a start

So, my first entry in this diary. I hope I can keep this up too. I listened to GKGG last night, which was simulcasted by TranceAirWaves, but Galaxy105 really fucked up. At 1am they stopped during Armin’s set and switched to house and then to R&B! Besides that, they we’re talking over all track climaxes and breaks or started a commercial break right on the break of the GG Theme (Blue Fear 2004), how unprofessional. Galaxy, losers! Made first start with my homepage today. After trying Instiki some time ago, I found it was the way to go!

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01 Aug 2004

First attempt

Finally I was getting tired of having an apache directory listing as homepage, a bunch of unorganized files. With an whole empty holiday ahead, I started with this page. Let’s see how it works out and if I’ll keep it up.

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